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Summer School Bus Routes and More

Dear Summer School Families, We are already a few weeks away from our first day of Camp Discover! We look forward to seeing our ELOP (Extended Learning Opportunity Program) summer school students at . . . Read More

Happy Summer! See you on August 19! 2024-25 Calendar Attached

To our families, staff, students, and community, Have a fun, safe, and wonderful summer!  We will see you for the first day of school on August 19, 2024. ☀️  For our students attending summer . . . Read More

Hive Happenings June 14th-Friday

Superintendent's Report June 2024

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Staff Spotlights


Staff Spotlight ~ Cheryl Dias

Cheryl Dias was chosen for this edition of Staff Spotlight for Toddy Thomas. Cheryl is a dedicated aide who serves both Toddy Thomas Middle School and Walker Elementary School. Her journey with our district began last summer when she took on custodial work at Toddy Thomas. Since then, her role has expanded to include being a Toddy Thomas monitor and a Walker Elementary custodian. Cheryl's versatility and commitment to her work have made her an invaluable asset to both schools. Her previous experience as a cafeteria monitor further highlights her dedication to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our students. What Cheryl enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to interact with the kids. She loves getting to know them and helping them with whatever they need. Her approachable nature and willingness to assist students make her a beloved figure in our school community. A fun fact about Cheryl is that Pam Zana was her second-grade teacher, adding a personal touch to her connection with our district. This unique tidbit reflects her long-standing ties to the community and underscores the full-circle nature of her current role. Cheryl Dias's dedication to her work and genuine care for the students shine through in everything she does. We deeply appreciate her contributions to Toddy Thomas and Walker Elementary and are fortunate to have her on our team. Cheryl's positive impact on our schools helps create a welcoming and supportive environment for all.


Staff Spotlight ~ Adrienne Crosswhite

Adrienne Crosswhite is featured in this Staff Spotlight and is very deserving of this honor. Adrienne is a dedicated Intervention Teacher at Toddy Thomas Middle School. She has been a part of the Fortuna Elementary School District for 20 years, with almost all of those years spent at Toddy Thomas. Her extensive experience and passion for education have significantly impacted our school community. Adrienne can often be seen decorating the hallways and corridors, organizing dress-up days, planning incentive days, taking pictures for the yearbook, and so much more! Throughout her career, Adrienne has taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades and taken on various leadership roles, including ASB Director, Athletic Director, and coach. Her multifaceted involvement at Toddy Thomas showcases her commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging school environment. Adrienne's contributions extend beyond the classroom. She organizes incentive days, acts as the Yearbook advisor, plans dress-up days, coaches, and runs the talent show and after-school clubs. Her efforts to create a positive school climate are evident in the numerous activities she spearheads, all aimed at making students excited about coming to school. What Adrienne loves most about her job is the opportunity to create a school atmosphere that students enjoy. Her dedication to making school a place where students want to be is a testament to her passion for education and her students' well-being. A fun fact about Adrienne is her adventurous spirit—she has swum with dolphins and even a shark! This unique experience adds an exciting dimension to her personality and reflects her willingness to embrace new challenges and experiences. Adrienne Crosswhite's commitment to her students and proactive approach to enhancing school life make her an invaluable member of the Toddy Thomas community. Her efforts in organizing various school activities and dedication to student success create a positive and dynamic environment for all. We are fortunate to have Adrienne on our team, inspiring and supporting our students daily. Thank you, Adrienne!

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